The lunch menu

Tip from de chef:

Salad of the month

Every month a different salad, ask a stuff member about the salad




Bread rolls (Choice of a luxurious white bread roll, or a whole wheat Brown bread roll)


Dutch Cheese 6,6
Ham 6,8
Ham & cheese 7
Old Dutch cheese (Matured) 7,5
Brie 7,9
Salad sandwich (Ham & Cheese) 8,5
Roast beef (home roasted) 8,5
Filet American 'martino' (Bread roll with raw beef) 8,5
A Dutch classic with hot sauce served with pickels and small silver onions  
Crab salad 9
Tuna Salad  9
Hot meat sandwich (Pork loin roast) 10,5
Chicken Gyros (with garlic-sauce and chilli-sauce) 10,5
Smoked salmon and feta cheese 11
Carpaccio sandwich with Parmesan cheese 11,5
Fried Eggs, Sunny Side up (White or Brown bread)  
Plain 7,9
Cheese 8,9
Ham 9
Ham & Cheese 9,3
Fried bacon 9,3
Roast beef 9,5
Burgundian Style with Ham, cheese, roast beef and bacon 9,9
Omelette (white or brown bread)  
Plain 7,9
Cheese 8,9
Ham 9
Ham & Cheese 9,3
Mushrooms 9,6
Farmers omelette  9,9
with a wide variety of Vegetables, mushrooms and bacon  


Soups (served with a few slices of French bread)


Vegetable soup (with meatballs) 7
Tomato soup 7
Onion soup (topped off with a slice of bread au gratin with cheese 7,3
Generously filled fish soup 9
Green pea soup served with dark brown bread and smoked bacon 9,5
Salads (served with a basket off sliced French bread)  
Tuna salade with feta cheese 13,9
Vegetarian salad 13,9
Consisting of brie, nuts, raisins, fruit and fresh herb dressing  
Greek salad 13,9
with bacon-wrapped goat cheese with honey dressing  
Thai salad (spicy marinated beef strips tenderloin) 13,9
also available in a vegetarian veriant  
Salad of the month 14
Ask your waiter for more details  
Scampi's salad served lukewarm in a spicy sauce 14,5
Super grilled sandwiches  
Ham & Cheese 7,9
Hawaii (ham, cheese, topped off with pineapple) 8,5
Italiano (salami, cheese topped of with tomato and oregano) 8,5
Piquant (ham, cheese, topped off with spicy minced meat) 9

Freshly baked pancakes (served with butter,sugar and syrop)

Plain 7
Apple 7,5
Bacon 7,5
Ham, cheese and bacon 9

Hot Dishes


Mushrooms on toast (with bacon and onions) 9,5
2 Croquettes 'De Bourgondiër'                                                                    (served with French fries or breadalso available in a vegetarian veriant 9,5
Homemade satay 1 skewer (served with bread of French fries) 14,5
Homemade super satay 2 skewers (served with bread or French fries) 20
Spareribs (served with sauce, French fries and a small salad) 22,5
Filet Mignon about 280 gramm (served with French fries and a small salad) 26
Fried mushrooms  3,5
Fried sole (served with ravigotte sauce, French fries and a small salad) 35,5
Recommended by the chef  
Burgundian bread roll (baked spicy minced meat with honey-mustard sauceAlso available in a vegetarian variant 11
Bread roll with baked mussels (with bacon and onion) 11
Club sandwich (consisting of grilled chicken, bacon, salad, cream cheese, chives, toast and cocktail sauce) 12,5 
Burgundian beef burger with gypsy-sauce and onions 12,9
Beef Carpaccio (All-time classic with olives, parmesan cheease and capers) 13,5
Cocktail time snacks  
Olives 5,3
Mini frikandel 12pcs 5,3
Bitterballen 8pcs 5,5
Typical Dutch snack consisting of creamy minced meat deep fried  
Cheese squares 6
Vlammetjes 9pcs (Crunchy deep fried spicy minced meat rolls) 6
Calamaris and onion rings 16pcs 7,8
Mixed deep fried appetizers 18pcs 9,9

Pastries, waffles and ice cream


Hot apfelstrudel (German style apple pie with vanilla sauce, ice cream and whipped cream) 6,5
Apple pie 3
Pastry of the day (aks our staff for the special of today) 3,3
Whipped cream  0,4
Belgian waffle with sugar 5,3
Belgian waffle with sugar and whipped cream 5,7
Belgian waffle with sugar, hot cherry's & whipped cream 8,7