The drinks menu


For the Beer enthusiast

Burgundian beer (bottle)

Burgundian beer is brewed specially for us at the Scheldebrouwerij. It is a fresh and beautiful round beer that makes the real Burgundian happy!


Beers on tap

Hertog Jan small 20 cl 3
Hertog Jan normal 25 cl 3,2
Hertog Jan pint 50 cl 6,2
Jupiler 25 cl 3,2
Hoegaarden 25cl 4,7
Liefmans Fruitesse 33 cl 4,9
Leffe blond Glass 33 cl 4,9
Leffe dubbel Glass 33 cl 4,9
Leffe with grenadine Glass 33 cl 5
Alternating draft beer (Ask your waiter what beer we have at this moment) 5,2


Beers on bottle

Hertog Jan 0,0% 3,2
Leffe Blond/Brune 0,0% 4,5
Hoegaarden Radler lemon 0,0% 4,5
Hoegaarden Radler lemon 2,0% 4,5
Hoegaarden Rosébeer                          4,8
Pauwels Kwak 5,8
Goose Island IPA 5,5
Leffe Triple 5,5
Gouden Carolus 5,5
Duvel 5,5
Triple Karmeliet 5,8
Burgundian speciality beer 6
Orval 6
Desperados (Tequilla flavoured) 5
Desperados (Tequilla flavoured) Bucket 5 bottles                                                   22,5


Dear Whisk(e)y enthusiast,


Did you know that we always have about 50 whisk(e)y's open for you as standard.


These can all be ordered per glass. You travel from the American whiskeys to a number of well-known Scotch whiskeys and you continue your journey to the Irish whiskeys and you can continue to the more exclusive Whiskeys of Japan including a number of Chichibu's.


Ask the waiter for our recent Whisk(e)y list.



Kirr 6
Kirr Royal (with Cava) 7,5
Vallformosa Cava Brut Origen Cava glass 7
Martini white, red or Fiero 5
Red or white port 5
Ricard                                                                                                        5,5
And many more...  

Permium mixes and Cocktails


Aperol Spritz 9
Aperol, prosecco, spuitwater and slices of orange  
Limoncello Spritz  9
Limoncello, prosecco, sparkling water and lime  
The Bourgondiër Daiquiri  11
Strawberry smoothie with "Mates rum''  
Cuba Libre 11
Bacardi Carta Oro, coke and lime  
Tequila Sunrise 11
Tequila, Jus ‘d orange, grenadine and a orange  
Mojito Classic 11
Bacardi Carta Blanca, fresh mint, cane sugar and lime  
Mojito Berry 11
Bacari Carta Blanca, cane sugar, red fruit and lime  
Gin & Tonic Deluxe                                                                            12,5
Scapegrace black gin, Double Dutch tonic,  and lime  
Moscow Mule                                                                                                  Smirnof vodka, Fentimans ginger beer and lime 11
Virgin Mojito                                                                                                              7-up sugar, fresh mint and lime 7,5



We serve our own coffee melange

This is a slowroast Medium is a balanced blend of only the best high-growing, hand-picked and sun-dried coffee beans from Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia and Togo. The taste is full, spicy and powerful with a nice acidity and taste nuances of nut and salmiak.

The coffee beans are roasted according to the classic Slowroast method. With this roasting method the coffee beans are roasted extra slowly in authentic drum roasters. It takes a little more time, but the taste and aroma really come into their own in this way. And that is important to us!

Hot drinks      


Coffee créme/ Espresso/Tea 3,1
Cappuccino/ Hot chocolat 3,4
Wiener Melange/ Café Macchiato/Coffee au lait/ 3,8
Sirop Caramel, Vanilla or Hazelnut from Monin 1
Gluhwein (seasonal) 5
Ice Cappuccino 5
Supplement Fresh mint or Ginger 1
Supplement Whipped cream 0,6
You prefer decafé?                                                            0,2

Special coffees

The Burgundian coffee (with liqueur 43) 8,5
Irish coffee 8,5
French coffee 8,5
Italian coffee 8,5
D.O.M. coffee 8,5

Sodas & Juices

Pepsi cola/Pepsi max /Sisi orange / 7up 3,1
Sourcy sparkling water/Still water 3,1
Cassis/Bitter Lemon/ tonic water 3,1
Lipton ice tea/Lipton ice tea green 3,3
Chocomel/ Fristi/ Apple juice/ tomato juice 3,1
Whole milk 3,1
Fresh orange juice                                                                         5
Fentimans Ginger beer 4,5

House wines by the glass

Red wine (Merlot les peyrieres) 5
Dry white wine (Chenin Blanc) 5
Sweet white wine (Sylvaner & Muller) 5
Rose (Rosado Valencia) 5

Do you have something to celebrate or do you prefer a nice wine from the bottle, then you certainly have success with us with a Cava, Champagne or one of our special wines.