The Dinner


Cold starters

Carpaccio of Irish ox with a truffle mayonaise €13,25
Vitello Tonato: thin veal meat whit anchovy filet and a dressing of mashed tuna €13,25
Vegetarian salad (with brie, nuts, raisins and vinaigrette) €13,75
Melon with different kinds of ham €13,75
Smoked salmon with toast €13,75
Carpaccio of tuna with créme fraiche and tomato concasse €13,95
Dutch prawn cocktail with whiskey-sauce and toast €13,95
Palette of fish (consisting of Dutch prawns, crab salad, tuna salad,  smoked mackerel and smoked salmon) €15,95

Starters Warm

Gratined Mussels with oyster sauce, cheese and garlic €11,50
Greek salad with goat cheese filled bacon €13,75
Warm Camembert cheese with honey and nuts €13,75
Salad with prawns and chili dressing €14,50
Garlic prawns with garlic bread and fine garden herbs                                    €14,50


Vegetable soup with meatballs €6,95
Tomato soup with fresh cream €6,95
Onion soup gratined with cheese €7,25
Asparagus soup with ham (seasonally) €7,95
Richly filled fishsoup                                                             €8,95

Main courses meat

Wiener Schnitzel  €19,50
Homemade super satay with peanut sauce €19,95
Pork steak with provencal herbs €21,75
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce  €21,95
Pork tenderloin filled with bacon sprankled with red wine sauce €22,50
Spare ribs (Kentucky style, with various sauces) €22,50
With herbs marinaded lamb steak €23,75
Natural Tournedos +- 280 gramm (Filet mignon) €25,95
Sauces: Mushroom sauce, pepper sauce or red wine sauce €3,-
Fried mushrooms €3,50

Main courses Fish

Wolffish fillet served on a fresh salad with added tomato swirl €21,95
Fish stew gratinated, with different kinds of fish and a creamy fish sauce €22,95
Spicy prawn's with creamy tomato sauce and rice €23,50
Salmon filet with tagliatelle and a mustard dill sauce €23,75
Japanese styled grilled tuna fillet with wasabimayonaise (lukewarm) €24,95
King prawn's with garlic butter, fine garden herbs and stir fried vegetables (Unpeeled) €25,95
Fried sea sole with a ravigotte sauce about 450 gramm €32,50


On land and on sea


Burgundy surf & turf (steak and prawns) about 300 grams   €25,95


Vegatarian Cources

Vegatarian schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce €18,50
Mushrooms and paprica's stuffed with vegetarian stir-fry and a curry sauce €21,50



Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream  €6,90
Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce) €7,15
Monsieur Noir (chocolate ice cream with vanilla sauce and whipped cream) €7,40
Créme bruleé with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €8,25
Coupe Bergenaer (vanilla ice cream with raisins, eggnog and whipped cream) €8,25
Fresh fruit sorbet (with sorbet ice cream red fruit sauce and whipped cream) €8,75
Ice cream with fesh fruit and whipped cream €9,00
Ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream €9,00
Exotic Pineapple (pineapple with mango and lime sorbet ice cream and a Kiwi sauce) €9,00
Cheese cake with fruit compote, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €9,25
Homemade tiramisu with walnut ice cream and whipped cream €9,25