The Dinner


Cold starters

Modest | Burgundian
Carpaccio of ox with a tasty truffle-mayonaise 11,9 |13,5
Vegetarian salad with brie, nuts, raisins and a vinaigrette dressing 11,9 |13,9
Smoked salmon with toast    13,8
Dutch prawn cocktail with a home-made whiskey-sauce and toast    14
Palette of fish (consisting of Dutch prawns, crab salad, tuna salad,  smoked mackerel and smoked salmon) 14 |16

Starters Warm

Modest | Burgundian
Gratined Mussels with oyster sauce, cheese and garlic butter    11,5
Greek salad with goat cheese filled bacon 11,9 |13,9
Warm Camembert cheese with honey and nuts    13,8
Salad with prawns and chili dressing 12,4 |14,5
Garlic prawns with garlic bread and fine garden herbs                                       12,4 |14,5


Modest | Burgundian
Vegetable soup with meatballs 5,9 |7
Home-made tomato soup with fresh cream 5,9 |7
Onion soup gratined with a cheese bread 6,2 |7,3
Richly filled fishsoup with a touch of the chef                                                     7,9 |9

Dinner Specials

Succade of beef with a honey-mustard sauce and a winter garnish


Main courses meat

Modest | Burgundian
Wiener Schnitzel     19,9
Homemade super satay with peanut sauce 1 or 2 skewers 14,5 |20
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce     22
Pork tenderloin filled with bacon sprankled with red wine sauce    23
Spare ribs our own style, with various sauces    22,5
Burgundy ham nicely succulent with barbecue sauce    23,5
Natural Tournedos 190 or 265 gramm (Filet mignon) 22,5 |26
Burgundy surf & turf (steak and prawns) 1 or 2 skewers                                    22,9 |27,5

Sauces and extra's

Apple Sauce    2,3
Extra French fries    3,3
Mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, red wine sauce    3
Fried mushrooms    3,5


Main courses Fish

Modest | Burgundian
Fish stew gratinated, with different kinds of fish and a creamy fish sauce    23
Spicy prawn's with creamy tomato sauce and rice 19,9 |23,5
Salmon filet with tagliatelle and a mustard dill sauce    23,8
Fried sea sole with a ravigotte sauce about 450 gramm    35,5

Main cources Vegatarian

Vegatarian schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce    18,9
Mushrooms and paprica's stuffed with vegetarian stir-fry and a curry sauce    21,9



Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream   7
Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce)  7,9
Monsieur Noir (chocolate ice cream with vanilla sauce and whipped cream)  7,9
Créme bruleé with cinnamon ice cream and whipped cream  8,5
Coupe Bergenaer (vanilla ice cream with raisins, eggnog and whipped cream)  8,9
Chocolate mousse with vanilla sauce and whipped cream  9
Cheese cake with fruit compote, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream  9,4
Homemade tiramisu with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream  9,5
Pecan & toffee Marengue with warm cherry's, cinnamon icecream and whipped cream  10
Chocolat complete a tasting of various types of chocolat delicasies  12,5